Wednesday, April 2, 2014

military on floral.

tank: american eagle
jacket: forever 21
jeans: forever 21
flats: steve madden via dsw
photos taken by chelsea

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


you do a lot of the things for the first time when you travel. strangely, i seem to have a longer list of firsts when it comes to texas.

for instance, my trip to texas last year was the first time i flew to a domestic destination. any other time i've traveled domestically, i've driven. and while i've flown through most major american airports, my destination in those cases has always been international.

but texas, it likes to shake up my routine a lot. so today i thought i'd share some of the new experiences i had in the past week and a half.

to start with, it was the first time i flew into a different city than i would fly out of. this was actually just cheaper than flying round-trip through DFW and turned the question of how to make a trip to houston happen into the largely less difficult question of how to get from houston to dallas.

it was also my first time in houston. i had such a good time. my pen pal charlotte lives there and we've been writing letters for ten years. it was my first time meeting her in person.

appropriately, most of my firsts happened in houston with charlotte, such as:

1. meeting whitney. we do not have photographic evidence of this. WHAT WERE WE THINKING.

2. riding a ferris wheel. i know. i know.

3. going to the rodeo.

4. trying grits.

and even after i left houston, i experienced a few new things:

5. riding the megabus. for $1.50. yes, that's for real.

6. trying sweet tea.

what's something you did recently for the first time?