Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#stokingheartfires 22.0: truth corner.

Sometimes you need a place to rest and to pound truth into your head.

(As I like to say, grace as an anvil to the face. We need it.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#stokingheartfires 21.0: adventures.

One of my favorite things is trying new restaurants. This can be tricky with an allergy, but it's usually well-managed!

Last Monday my friend A and I went to Crispelli's in ROMI. I stuck with a tried favorite, the pepperoni pizza, and loved it.

Vinsetta Garage
Last night A & I met our friend M at Vinsetta Garage in BMI, where I leapt out of my comfort zone to try the duck burger with cherry compote and arugula. It. was. delicious. I haven't had duck since I tried it in France nine years ago and it was a delight to have it again.

Monday, October 20, 2014

#stokingheartfires 20.0: love & laughter.

Evenings are out are rare for me; I'm usually so exhausted at the end of each workday that I bring myself straight home. But tonight I went out with friends and we made a list of things we'll never do when we're dating or married. We wrote it right on the tablecloth and laughed so hard the entire time.