Friday, July 11, 2014

a reintroduction.

um, hello.

these italics are me whispering, speaking softly because this space is unfamiliar and a little intimidating since i haven't been in a while.

how do you revitalize a space you're not even sure you know how to call your own?

i think it's time to begin again.

a month shy of five years ago, i started this blog. it was called musings of a simple college student. then it got changed to annie's musings until it was changed, finally, to what she saw in june 2012. my first post was a short introduction and since it's been half a decade (!), i thought i'd do the same thing.

it's my way of starting fresh.

my name is annie wiltse. i'm twenty-three and graduated from the REAL laker nation two years ago with a degree in english and history. (LA who?) i don't like to capitalize on the blog because lowercase feels more stripped down and natural but i think that'll be changing permanently thanks to a thing called standard english. i could talk about commas for far longer than anyone would want and i prefer jane eyre over wuthering heights - and if you do, too, you are my PEOPLE.

i published an ebook of essays last fall called the unfurling. you can purchase it for $5 but if you wait until tomorrow it will be on sale! keep an eye on my twitter timeline for the code.

i've been reading like a fiend lately. i updated my booklist wednesday so if you're interested in my latest reads, you should head over there! i've kept track of my reads since 2011. my yearly goal is to outread the last year's list and i succeeded in doing that in 2012. this year i've almost outread my list for 2013, about which i'm pretty stoked! i'm also christened july classics month. i'll be spending the month reading mostly classics! i began with fyodor dostoyevsky's crime and punishment and am starting leo tolstoy's anna karenina next.

(i've had a slight obsession with russia lately. blame the winter olympics.)

i've also been tweeting fanatically about world cup soccer; i played for eleven years and world cup summers are my favorite summers of all! i'll be sad to see the world cup end this sunday. i know who i would like to see with the title but i know if i say anything i'll jinx it, so i'm keeping it hush-hush till after.

my favorite season is summer but i also desperately love fall. my starbucks orders are usually either a pumpkin spice latte, a chocolate chai tea latte, or a vanilla bean crème frappuccino. i collect mugs - mostly from starbucks - and my latest acquisition is the monogrammed donut mug from crystal faye.

i love to travel and have been out of the country every year since 2004 (except for 2011). i haven't been out of the country yet this year but i live less than a hour from the US border with canada, so it shouldn't be too difficult! nevertheless, this year is breaking all sorts of records for domestic travel and i'm thrilled to pieces to have these opportunities. i keep track of my wanderlove in case you're interested in seeing the résumé.

what about you, friend? what brings you to what she saw? what stirs your heart and ignites your passion? what sparks fireworks in your soul? tell me!

i want to transform this blog from unfamiliar from a place that inspires whispers of hope and shouts of joy, but i can't do it without you. thank you for traveling these almost five years with me. here's to another almost five more!