Friday, December 6, 2013

fashionable art: the linkup.


i got my first stitchfix a few weeks ago and it was SO FUN.

i hate shopping, don't have a lot of time to do it, and am really picky about my clothes, so everything about stitchfix appeals to me. if you haven't heard of it, basically you pay a $20 styling fee, pick a date for your fix to arrive, and on that day you get a box of happy.

happy in this instance is defined as five pieces of clothing you can try on right at home. you ship back whatever you don't like and your $20 styling fee goes toward what you keep.

here's what i got a few weeks ago:

the thoughts: i loved this the minute i put it on.
the verdict: kept

the thoughts: i really liked the fit of this shirt, and it fit my style pretty well, but i don't really like stripes and i didn't love the color.
the verdict: sent back

the thoughts: i love chevron all the things but i don't like cap sleeves and the waist of this dress hit me too far down on the torso.
the verdict: sent back

the thoughts: dolman and done. LOVED this.
the verdict: kept

the thoughts: i super loved this sweater. the color is gorgeous (and almost the color of our dining room wall, which i only just noticed) and it was so warm, which is critical to the kind of person who is freezing cold even in most sweaters. however, it flared in the back and that is one place i really don't need any flare.
the verdict: sent back, sadly.

want to try your first fix? order through here!
(that's a referral link and i get $25 stitchfix credit per referral.)

wanna share what you got in a past fix? link up here! i can't wait to see what you got!


  1. Oh! I just LOVE the items that you kept. :) That first shirt? I was like, "That's totally Annie".

  2. LOVE the items you kept. Especially that purple shirt. When I saw it, I thought Annie better have kept it OR ELSE. :)

  3. I've never heard of this! That's crazy awesome!!