one thousand gifts

1. the creativity of language; that within this strict structure there are infinite possibilities to play with words & syntax
2. making plans with margaret
3. sunlight streaming through the kitchen, even when my eyes are dilated
4. spiffy new contacts. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE.
5. thank you card on the bulletin board. it wasn't even for me.
6. the wooden bench in our kitchen. it's been in our house since i was a baby.
7. spelltower. that app is crazy addicting.
8. the anticipation of a coffee date with an old friend (here's looking at you, karen!)
9. early morning texts with nicole
10. margaret and i almost forgetting about the otg post for today (sept.27). it made me laugh. we're too laid-back to be hosting this!
11. a day spent in GRMI and AAMI
12. poppyseed crumbs
13. forgetting to go to the bank before it closed
14. "there are some guys who will tell you they like you. without going on a 45 minute rant and offering to shave their beard." encouragement from AR.
15. exciting, overwhelming news from my sister! eep!
16. dinner with margaret at red robin
17. white skirts that fit right and aren't see-through and that you don't buy because you don't know what to wear it with
18. not miscounting even a penny while on register
19. talking to chelsea until 5am
20. grace for trying to make up time
21. setting christy's legacy of hope up with a mailing list and twitter
22. being the only white person at a gas station in detroit proper...
23. ...& getting that gas for $3.68.
24. an orange bowl full of apple jacks
25. less than seven days!
26. words from lauren
27. words that broke me: "Do you have faith that God is even better than the thing you seek?"
28. t minus fourteen hours. ca-ray-zay!
29. pants hangers when i needed them
30. the redhead & i working together in the fitting room
          a: for the party that ensued.
          b: for the grace in knowing my place
31. the letting go
32. late night strobe lights
33. making AAMI plans with melanie and margaret
34. falling asleep on the couch at noon, going to bed at 3pm, and waking up at 2am ready for the day
35. 4am political conversations
36. early morning ellie goulding


  1. yay! love that you're making a blessing list too, annie. :)


  2. Girl, I am pretty sure you and I would be besties in real life. Lover of books, just finished school, embracing singleness and counting it a blessing (even with all of my best friends engaged, ha!), and lover of Jesus first and foremost. I also had my "1000 gifts" page on my blog for a long time... I've been working on it for over 6 months now (after reading the book by Ann Voskamp) and am counting my blessings in the 500's right now. I hope it can be something I will continue to do for the rest of my life (took it off my blog though because I was getting too personal with it, ha).

    So glad I found your page. Stop on over and say hi if you want (although my blog deals mainly with my travels right now).

    Because of Him, Dominique